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Monday, April 18, 2011

A Challenge for Poetry Month!

April is Poetry Month!

I am challenging my students and their families to visit a really great website, ReadWriteThink, to create an original poem.  The website walks you through each step (including brainstorming!) and allows you to print your finished poem, and you can even save your work to your hard drive to keep.  All students who create a poem using one of the links I've listed below will have their work put on display and will receive a prize for their efforts! 

"Gosh, Mrs. Mann, are you trying to encourage people to visit your blog while giving your students something fun to do over vacation?"   
"Why yes, yes I am!  Feel free to share this link with others!"

Click here to create an acrostic poem!

Click here to create a shape poem!

Click here to create a diamante poem!

If you don't have a printer at home, just save the poem to your computer and email it to me as an attachment.  My address is  You are also welcome to contact me with any questions.
Have fun!

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