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Friday, October 8, 2010

Discovering Intelligent Life in the Library!

Behold, photographic evidence of intelligent life!(Okay, they might not be extraterrestrial,
but we do think our students are out of this world!)

We are all very excited to announce that Ashaway School is going to have a float featured in Westerly's Columbus Day parade this coming Sunday. The theme of the float will be "Ashaway Teachers Discover Intelligent Life". The gorgeous planets you see were created for the float by Mrs. Pearce's 2nd grade class with help from Mrs. Clark, our PTO president. They looked so amazing that I wanted to share them with my classes when they came to the library today. It also gave me a chance to put out the new space books that I bought thanks to the PTO. Our students really enjoyed looking through them during book look, and many of the books were signed out!

p.s. Are you wondering why the sign says "Poor Pluto"? Many scientists have decided that it can't be called a planet anymore! Now it's called a "dwarf planet". To learn more, go here: