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Friday, October 22, 2010

Brand-New Book Borrowers! (part 2)

Last week I featured Mrs. Smith's morning kindergarten class because they took books home for the very first time. This week it's all about Mrs. Smith's afternoon class! (They didn't have class last week because of Columbus Day.)

Just like in the morning class, the afternoon students have been learning all about how to take very good care of their library books. Last week I challenged you to ask a student the following questions:

  • How should we turn a page in a book?
  • How should we save our place in a book so we can finish it later?
  • How should we carry a book?
  • What you should do if you find a rip in your library book?
Here are some of the KPM students with the answers...

Always turn the pages of a book by the corners. This will prevent the pages from getting tears along the bottom edge!

Always use a bookmark to save your place in a book. If you don't have a bookmark, a piece of paper is another good choice. Don't use anything thicker than a piece of paper because it can hurt the spine of the book!

Always carry a book with both arms folded around it. We call this "hug a book"!

Always tell the librarian if you find a rip in a library book. Please don't try and fix it yourself! The tape you have at home is not made for books and can get yellowed and brittle over time. I have special tape and even special glue for fixing hurt books!

Thank you very much to my KPM helpers this week. I look forward to helping them select new books when they bring the others back on Monday!