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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Library Centers!

This school year I've begun implementing centers in the library, and it has been a huge success!  The students love being able to choose their activities, and they are engaged in practicing their skills throughout their visit. 

I've focused on developing centers for my kindergarten students and plan to work my way up through the grades.  I'm excited to share some of the students' favorites and welcome ideas for more! 

Alphabet Art Center: Students are invited to write a word or draw a picture of something that begins with the "letter of the week".

Celebrations Center: Students can color an "alphabet practice" paper or select a book to browse based on the month's special days.
Alphabet Race Center: Each student sits at one of four alphabet strips and tries to be the first to "drive" their cars from A to Z!
Reading Buddy Center: Students can select a "buddy" to read with from a basket of soft, huggable friends.
The Pop-Up Book Center provides lots of fun surprises and reminds students that it's important to handle books gently.
QR Code Listening Center: Students use an iPad's QR scanner to access an online audio book!
Sorting Center: Students play a card game to practice sorting by shape and color.

Bookmark Center: Students can design their own bookmarks and help protect their library books from becoming "dog-eared"!

Writing Center: Students draw a word card from the bucket, sound it out, and copy it onto a marker board.  Then they draw a picture to go with it.  

Computer Center: Students can choose from a variety of skill-boosting games and literature-based activities.  I've been introducing and adding options throughout the year.  To see the current menu click here

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