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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Having a Hoot with Kahoot!

To review the library rules with the third and fourth grades I decided to try out a free online resource called Kahoot!  The students loved it and the game certainly jazzed up the lesson!

Teachers can sign up for a free account at and create multiple-choice quizzes to be displayed on the SmartBoard (or with any projector).  The process is really easy and I had my rule review game set up in no time. 

I signed out our school's classroom set of iPads so every student had a device to use, but Kahoot does offer a "team" option.  All the kids need to do is visit to enter my game's pin number and type in their first names.  (The students don't need individual accounts so there's nothing to set up ahead of time.  It's so simple!) 

Ready?  Set!  START!  The first question appears on the board.  A few moments later four possible color-coded answers show up and the countdown begins.  On their iPads, the students see four colored blocks that match the ones on the board, and they tap the one they believe is the correct answer.  After everyone has responded (or the timer reaches zero), the students either get a green screen indicating they were correct or a red screen with the right answer displayed.  On the board, a graph appears to indicate how many students selected each possible answer.  This allowed me to explain why the wrong answers were incorrect and clarify any misunderstandings.

The students had a blast and I definitely had their attention!  :D

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