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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Many Happy Returns!

This morning we had a visit from the Chariho seniors who went to Ashaway School so many years ago!  Our students lined the halls, clapping and cheering, as the soon-to-be graduates walked down the halls in their caps and gowns.  It was SO much fun to see my former students all grown up! 

I carried Bear in my arms because I guessed that some of them would enjoy seeing their old friend again.  I heard many happy exclamations of "BEAR!" when they saw him.  When their walk was done I couldn't resist following them outside for a quick visit before they had to leave.  Before I knew it a group of the seniors were calling out for me to "wake him up" just like I always do before reading a story in the library.  I playfully said that the students are supposed to be sitting "criss-cross applesauce" before I wake Bear up (like I do during class), and the next thing I knew the whole group of seniors were on the ground, ready and waiting!  HA!  I plopped right down, too, and went through the whole routine:  Bear stretched his arms up while making a huge yawn, rubbed his eyes, and looked around at the whole crowd.  "Look who came to see us, Bear!  You haven't seen these faces in a long time, huh?"  Oh, how I wish I had pictures of those kids' faces.  It was such a special moment!

One of the seniors shared the following video.  You don't get to see the audience, but you can hear their reactions.   I love it!  Thank you, Rachel!!

My sincerest thanks to Mrs. Weber, Chariho High School principal, for making this moment possible!  :)

Class of 2016!
We are so proud of you!

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