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Monday, June 2, 2014

These Kids Had "No Time for TV"!

No Time for TV Week ended on Sunday, May 25th.  All last week students brought back their papers to show how many points they earned by exercising their minds and bodies, and there were a LOT of them!  This year, I saw a 33% increase in participation over last year's number!!  WOW!  In addition, over 50% of the students who participated in the program didn't have any screen time for the entire 7 days!  (By comparison, last year that number was about 25%.)  I'll be handing out the prizes for earning at least 100 points this week, and today I got to announce the winners of the $10 gift certificates for Scholastic Books.

This year's lucky winners have some shopping to do!

While the deadline has passed for being included in the drawing, I will continue to accept participation forms from those who earned at least 100 points.  These students will be allowed to select something special from the library "prize basket" next week!

Thanks all to all the families who participated and supported their children during the week!  I am also grateful for the sponsorship of our wonderful Ashaway School PTO, who provides the funds for the gift certificates and other prizes!  

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