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Friday, October 11, 2013

Looking for a Sidekick? "Pick ME!"

In the book Sidekicks, Captain Amazing is feeling his age and has decided to find a sidekick who can help him in his fight against crime!  We love the characters Dan Santat created in this book!  In his honor, our second, third and fourth graders invented some terrific sidekicks of their own!  Which one of these superheroes would you want by your side?

CODE NAME: Aqua Wolf
POWER: Water blast, Frost blast, and Swimming!

POWER: I can read your mind and know the answer!

CODE NAME: Hydromorph
POWER: Changes into and manipulates undersea creatures!

CODE NAME: Song Girl
POWER: When I sing I can blow things up!


CODE NAME: Airmazing
POWER: I can read without opening the book with my special vision!

Lightning Eagle
POWER: I can wrap my wings around myself and disappear!

The students came up with so many creative ideas!  Here are just some of the many bookmarks that are now on display in our foyer:

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 To watch a "trailer" for the book Sidekicks
click here!

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