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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Travel the World Inside a Book!

We are getting ready to celebrate Reading Week, which will take place April 4-8! In honor of this year's theme, Travel the World Inside a Book, each class will be creating a poster that features a particular country (the list is provided below). We invite students and their families to look for some information about these countries and even bring in a picture or two to share with the class. Students: please write a caption to go with your picture that explains what is being shown! You could print out a map, a photograph of an important landmark, pictures of traditional clothing...explore together to see what you can find!

Here are some kid-friendly websites to try:




On Friday the 8th, the classes will "travel the school" to "visit" the different countries. Students might share some words or phrases they've learned, posters they've created, etc. Also, we know that some of you might have money, clothing, or other objects from travels that could go on display. If so, please send a note to me or the classroom teacher so we can create a list of potential resources! Thanks, and have fun!

KS - China

1B - Japan

1A - England

12C - France

2L - Italy

2P - Ireland

3A - Egypt

3B - Colombia

3V - Spain

4Y - Germany

4O - Morocco