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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Shapes and Flakes!

This week our kindergartners practiced their shapes using a fun website called Make a Flake. I used the Smartboard to demonstrate how to navigate the program and use the "scissors" to cut shapes out of the on-screen paper. With the click of the mouse, the paper unfolds to display their original design!

Before the students went to the computers, we reviewed some of the shapes they've learned in class with Mrs. Smith: parallelogram, triangle, trapezoid, square, rectangle, and rhombus. (The program only lets them cut straight lines, so circles were out!) See if your child can identify the shapes I cut out in the example above. If you'd like to see what this snowflake looked like when unfolded, scroll down to the bottom!

The students had a terrific time sharing their creations with each other, and even Mrs. Smith got in on the fun!

Evan proudly declared, "I made a trapezoid!" Can you find it? What other shape did he cut?

I hope you like the pictures, and please let me know if you give this fun program a try. Enjoy!