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Thursday, December 23, 2010

’Twas Holiday Vacation
(Or: How to Keep Your Kids’ Minds Occupied and Your Home Intact Over the Holidays)
~Stacey Greene Wicksall

‘Twas holiday vacation for two whole weeks long,
And mommy and daddy wanted nothing to go wrong
The presents had been chosen by relatives with care,
In hopes it would save them from losing their hair!
But children were zipping and zooming about
“We’re bored, we’re bored!” they exclaimed in a shout,
So mommy looked at Daddy with a twinkle in her eye,
“I have a solution that money can’t buy!”
And bundling their children they decided to go
To the public library (in spite of the snow).
They pulled in the lot and opened the door
Creative Corner had begun with room for two more!
They heard a grand story about a mean, ugly Grinch
And created a craft; it was all such a cinch!
They beamed with pride over the things they had made,
Then dashed to the wall with the book shelves to raid.
“Look, here’s Junie B. and Artemis Fowl
These titles will keep us busy for a while!”
The parents let out great sighs of relief
Children reading books meant an end to their grief!
And back to their home they soon did travel
With a stack full of mysteries to soon unravel
So when this vacation at once came to an end,
They brought back the books they’d had out on lend.
When back at the school the kids they did chatter,
Of books they had read all about matter!
And the teacher exclaimed with the utmost delight,
“Joy over reading is a wonderful sight!
It will bring your learning to a commendable height,
So tell me the tales that you read before bed,
Or share that adventure still swirling in your head.
Reading is the best gift you gave to yourself,
Lasts longer and better than one from an elf.
I wish happy holidays to each one of you
And may you read many-a-book all the year through!”