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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Project Highlight: All-Day Kindergarten!

For the past few weeks, Mrs. Koukas has been bringing her class to the library to work on a special project. In class they've been creating an "All About Me" book to incorporate skills from math, language arts, and social studies. Their books will include pages about their families and activities they like as well as information about where they live. In the library the students used Microsoft Paint to create drawings of their homes. Mrs. Koukas encouraged them to think about what shapes could be used to create their pictures, and I did a lesson on how to use the program. What fast learners! In no time they were switching colors and brushes, using the "paint bucket" to fill shapes, and using "Ctrl+Shift+N" to clear the screen. Then I imported their creations to another Microsoft program called PhotoStory. This program enables the students to type a sentence about their homes onto their drawings and then they can record their voices as they read aloud what they've written! When all the students are done recording, we'll be able to play back our movie on the SmartBoard!