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Friday, September 17, 2010

Strive for a Five!

In library this week I have been introducing the students to our Book Look Rubric. The rubric lets kids know what the expectations are during the time they are given to select books. All students in grades 1-4 will perform a self-assessment using this rubric and give themselves a score before leaving the library. A score of "5" is exceeding the standard, and I hope that all of the students will... STRIVE FOR A FIVE!
The image shows one of our third graders showing us the score she earned this week! She is standing in front of the library SmartBoard, which we used to go over the rubric together. If you would like to view the entire rubric you can see it here:
I am very proud of what I've seen and heard in the library this week. The students have really been making an effort to demonstrate positive behaviors, and I lost count of the number of times they said PLEASE, THANK YOU, and EXCUSE ME. Plus, the library looks terrific! The books have been put away correctly and all the shelf markers are back where they belong. You're off to an amazing start, Ashaway students! Keep up the good work!